Whole House Fans

Whole house fans remain a tried-and-true method for Whole House Fan keeping your home cool, and are often used as an alternative to air conditioning.

A whole house fan usually vents into the attic, where the warm air creates positive pressure. This positive pressure drives the warm air outside the building through the soffit or gable vents, and also creates negative pressure inside the living space that invites nice, cool air in through the windows. This positive/negative balance regulates indoor temperatures, keeping a building comfortably cool even in the summertime with no air conditioning.

Quiet Cool Whole House Fan Cooling Systems

Quiet Cool Whole House Fans

We perform Quiet Cool whole house fan installation for their exceptional quality. Quiet Cool fans effectively remove large volumes of warm air from the home while keeping quiet, making noisy whole house fans a thing of the past.

Quiet Cool whole house fans

  • Keep your house cool; even the upstairs areas during summer
  • Reduce the need for air conditioning, thereby reducing electricity bills
  • Help you shrink your carbon footprint, which can score you rebates from utility companies

From whole house fan installation to whole house fan repair, we’re committed to helping you keep the air in your home comfortable and clean while saving on your energy bills and doing your part for the Earth.

Contact us today for a whole house fan installation so you can stay cooler even on sunny San Diego’s hottest days.

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