Quality Maintenance

AC Quality CareIdeal will thoroughly inspect your A/C system, inventory the equipment and diagnose any service needs. You will receive a detailed report that shows any recommended maintenance or repairs and the rebates available to offset the costs.

The program offers a $50 rebate for the assessment and up to $500 in additional rebates
for repairs and for a one-year Quality Maintenance service agreement. You must use a qualified contractor, such as Ideal, to receive your rebate(s). Ideal is one of a few SDG&E, KEMA, &
AC Quality Care qualified contractors.

Increased Comfort and Cost Savings in 3 Easy Steps!

1.  Schedule an advanced system assessment
Receive $50 rebate and a detailed diagnostic report.

2.  Schedule repairs to improve system performance
Receive $250 rebate to ensure your conditioned air is reaching the right places.
Receive $150 rebate to install an energy-efficient blower motor.
Receive $50 rebate to service the refrigeration system.

3.  Sign a one-year Quality Maintenance service agreement
Receive $50 rebate and ensure your system continues to operate safely, energy-efficiently and reliably all year long.


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