Aging in Place/Universal Design

As we get older, lifestyle and health changes often present challenges making it difficult for you to stay in and enjoy your home. Universal Design may be the Ideal Solution for you or your loved one. Universal Design combines principles of design, functionality, safety, and comfort to help you achieve the independence you desire. Ideal utilizes a variety of products to enhance the livability of your home and accommodate occupants in all stages of life. We have the Ideal Solutions to create a one-of-a-kind bathroom just for you.

Low-Threshold Showers:
Remove the old tub and replace with a more convenient and safe showering environment. The shower can be equipped with options such as seats, grab bars, and hand held shower systems.

Shower Remodel

Step-in Tubs:
If you prefer bathing over showering, a step-in tub may be the perfect choice for you. Eliminate the struggle of getting up, out, and over the tub. Just open the door, step in, sit down, fill the tub with water, and enjoy the bath you deserve. Options include massage jets, gentle spa treatment, or soaking. In-line heaters maintain the water at a comfortable temperature.

Walk-in Tub

Grab Bars:
Grab bars are designed to help maintain balance, lessen fatigue while standing, and hold some weight while maneuvering. You can feel secure knowing you have something to grab in case of a slip or fall. Grab bar products offered today do not have the institutional look they once did. They come in a variety of styles, finishes, and colors to tie in with your home decor.

Grab Bars

Comfort Height Toilets:
Comfort height toilets are about 2″ taller than a standard toilet. Feel safe and comfortable with a higher seat.

Lighting Upgrades:
Brighten your world while increasing the safety and comfort in your home. Upgrading from standard lighting to LED reproduces the look of a warm, sunny day, eliminating shadow lines. Motion sensor lighting automatically turns on as you enter a room. Get cozy on those cold mornings by using a heater fan light. In the evenings, keep your bathroom well-lit using a NuTone LunAura with blue LED edge-glow nightlight. This will allow for increased safety and ease of navigation for nighttime tasks, while allowing you to return
to restful sleep.

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