6 Signs of a Good Plumber

Most homeowners opt to seek professional assistance with their plumbing, but without having intimate knowledge of plumbing yourself, how do you know the good plumbers from the bad? Plumbers are responsible for some of the most important functions of the home, so it’s essential that you find one who is skilled and attentive to prevent potential plumbing catastrophes. Let’s go over six signs of a good plumber to help you choose one who knows their stuff.  San Diego plumbing

Are they experienced?

Check to see how long your plumber has been in business. Find one with multiple years of experience and ask for references. Companies that have been in business over a long period of time often signify long running success and provide a valued service.

Do they come with references?

The best way to assess a plumber is to speak with former customers and evaluate their first-hand experiences. Ask friends and family for references, and try to find plumbers with examples of their work. Refer to online reviews and testimonials.

Are they reasonably priced?

Beware of a plumber who is too cheap or too expensive. Too cheap might often means using cheap parts or cutting corners, both of which could lead to greater costs down the line. Too expensive means they may be padding the bill with unnecessary parts and labor. 

Do they have insurance?

Insurance is another important piece of paperwork that a good plumber should come equipped with.  All licensed contractors are required to maintain adequate insurance.   Insurance can protect both you and your plumber in the event of an accident.

Do they have a license?

Most states require a plumber to have a license. Check for a license and other credentials before you hire a plumber. It can also be helpful to check the Better Business Bureau to see if past clients have filed any formal complaints against the plumber or the company he works for.

Do they come with a guarantee or warranty?

A good plumber should have a fair warranty policy for materials and workmanship. The last thing you want is shoddy plumbing that causes more problems than it fixes.

Finding a plumber can be a difficult task, but with diligence and research, you should have no trouble finding a reliable professional to accomplish all your plumbing needs.

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