8 Things to Remember When Planning a Kitchen Remodel

As the kitchen transitions to an all-around gathering place for families, more households are remodeling to accommodate its use. There is a lot of consider when remodeling a
of any size and the choices you make during the process will ensure your enjoyment of the space for many years to come.

As you think about redesigning your kitchen, keep these important elements in mind:

  1. Surface area. You want to be sure that your kitchen has enough space to hold appliances and give you plenty of room for food preparation. A kitchen island is a great way to add some additional space, and even some casual seating, and to give yourself even more room for meal creation. If you account for enough surface area in your kitchen, you will enjoy being in it that much more.
  2. Smart layout. Remodel your kitchen so it is as efficient as possible. Store breakfast foods, like cereals, near your breakfast bowls. Consider storing your most used dishes near the sink or dishwasher for easy unloading. Think about the everyday ways that you will use your kitchen and then set yourself up for ergonomic success based on your remodel layout.
  3. Well-designed cabinets. If you have a small kitchen, light-colored cabinets are a must. If you are interested in darker models, consider clear or opaque cabinet fronts to allow for more light and space in the kitchen. Within the cabinets themselves, choose pull-out drawers for more function and plenty of individual shelving to efficiently use the space inside.
  4. Communication hub. Of all the rooms in the home, the kitchen is the gathering area. As such, use it as a message center to keep track of family activities. Consider a cork or dry erase board, and a space for mail, homework and other documents. To keep it from giving your kitchen a “cluttered” look, use slotted envelope holders, bins, and hooks.
  5. Extra appliances. Consider adding a secondary microwave, mini-fridge and even a second oven. You may not use these appliances on a daily basis but it is nice to have them installed and ready to go when you need them. Secondary appliances can also serve as options for kids and guests to use while you are preparing the main meal.
  6. Electrical access. Think about adding in extra electrical outlets throughout your kitchen to accommodate your growing number of gadgets. Put them near areas that you anticipate using for food prep, and wherever you plan to have the most appliances.
  7. Cleaning efficiency. Make the maintenance of your kitchen easy on yourself and use easy-to-clean features, like glass refrigerator shelves or wire racks. Consider your color and material choices too. A bright white kitchen is easier to wipe clean, and matte finishes look less dirty than glossy ones.
  8. Kid-friendly features. If you are raising and feeding a growing family, take that into consideration when you design your new kitchen. Designate specific cabinet drawers for kids’ snacks, dishes, and cups so they can access their own items as needed. You should also be sure that the stove is set back and away from any eating areas of the kitchen, and create a knife-specific drawer that is well out of their reach too. Keeping all cleaning products and chemicals out of the kitchen and far out of reach is another safety precaution to consider.

If you are going to spend the money to remodel your kitchen, you should make it completely worth your while. Focus less on flash, and more on function.

What is a must-have in your kitchen?

Author: nkeithly

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