A Guide to Kitchen Remodeling

Cracked tiles, rusted sink fixtures, and mildew-clad cabinets—oh my. Time to remodel the kitchen!  And what better time? It’s the season of spring cleaning.

This guide will give you a head start on the things to consider when remodeling your kitchen.

  • Budget—that’s the first rule. It must be realistic, and should have some built-in wiggle room as you can certainly expect some unexpected expenses with any remodel. Make a list of essentials—maybe you’re absolutely due for new appliances but can live with resurfacing existing cabinets, or the appliances are fine but you need more windows. Decide which items are worth the splurge and which ones just need some elbow grease and creative problem solving.

Now, on to the guide, from the top down:

  1. Lighting: There’s something almost magical about recessed lighting in the nook above your cabinets and below the ceiling. Install a dimmer switch and that ‘almost’ becomes ‘completely.’ Harsh kitchen lighting is unattractive, especially if you’re going to spend hours there perfecting that cookie recipe your mom gave you. Put in a good under-cabinet system as well as an ambient ceiling light so you can tailor your lighting needs with the mood or task at hand.
  2. Cabinets: Cabinets must be built to last. They undergo the most stress of all your kitchen features, especially when you’ve got a hungry teen that comes home and can’t seem to find the perfect thing to satisfy his stomach. If that has your home written all over it, cheap stock cabinetry won’t be an attractive or cost-effective option. If you prefer a more rustic or cabin-in-the-woods motif, go for a dark and heavy wood with matching hardware. The right wood can really set off the rest of your theme.
    Design hint:
    Don’t be afraid to go with a non-traditional design; not all cabinets must be elevated above the stove and fridge in hard-to-reach places.
  3. Backsplash: The right backsplash can save your walls and cabinets from unwanted, well, backsplash. It will complement all your all items in the room from the cabinets and hardware to the appliances, so pick a design that melds looks and functionality.
  4. Sink and counters: Your sink choice depends on where it’s located, which depends on the counter design. An ever-popular design includes the kitchen island, which can be a true floating island or a peninsula of counter space that juts out from the wall. Here, you can choose counter materials, like marble, granite, or even concrete. Also think about your sink design. Some go with the double-sink, which is very efficient for large families with lots of dishes. However, a big tub sink has its advantages too, especially when paired with a tall faucet. If replacing the sink is on your personal list, consider going for a deep-basin design, which makes everything from washing the dishes to cleaning that 20-pound Thanksgiving turkey considerably easier.
  5. Appliances. The oven, the fridge, the dishwasher, the microwave—these are all appliances that are big enough to warrant a spot of their own in your new kitchen, especially when you want an inlaid dishwasher or a stovetop that blends seamlessly with your countertop. It might be a good idea to have a separate sub-budget for appliances, since choosing the options and features for each one can be a project all its own.
  6. Floors: Nothing pulls the entire kitchen together better than the right flooring style and color. Big square tiles, artsy colorful diagonal tiles, marble blocks, treated wood—absolutely any design you dream of can become an amazing kitchen floor. You can choose light-colored designs to keep the room bright and open and make it seem more spacious, or you can stick to that rustic motif and choose a dark floor, which will make the kitchen feel more cozy and homey. Just steer clear of the carpet—this is perhaps the messiest room of the home, after all.

Hint: Choose a company that will stay within your chosen budgets: financial and time. Ideal will get the job done on time and for the amount we promised you. Have a look through the rest of our site; you’ll find examples of our past work to give you ideas about what we can do for you. Remember that this is your kitchen, probably one of the most functional rooms in your home. Don’t be afraid to come forward with your own creative ideas for making the room both beautiful and as efficient as possible.

Author: nkeithly

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