Feb 2011: Water Alarms

By: Don & Melissa Teemsma

We suggest a water alarm for the following locations:

  • Water heater
  • Under the kitchen sink, especially if you have a water filter
  • Air conditioning evaporator coil
  • Dishwasher
  • Bathroom sink
  • Any plumbing location with wood floors

Plumbing Leak Prevention Checklist:

  • Water heaters: should have a drain pan.
  • Corroded or vinyl water supply lines under sink should be replaced with braided stainless steel.  Please note: do not store corrosives under your sink.
  • The vapors can cause your stainless steel lines to rupture.
  • Check washing machine hoses – never use rubber hoses.
  • Water filters.
  • Ice maker water lines.
  • Air conditioner condensate drains – flush out yearly.
  • Roots in drainlines cause unexpected stoppages.  Should be maintained regularly.

water alarm

Recently my neighbor across the street was away for a few days and asked me to keep an eye on things for her.One night around 7pm Don and I left our home to go on an errand.  When we returned around 9pm we heard a beeping sound coming from across the street.  Turns out the water heater had started to leak sometime during the previous 2 hours.

Don shut the water supply off to the water heater to stop the leak.  The next day one of our technicians went out and replaced the 11 year old, leaking water heater.  Of course he made sure to put the alarm back on the stand when he finished.  By the time our neighbor returned, there was no evidence of any water leak or damage because it was caught so quickly.

A slow leak often goes unnoticed until it has been going on for a long time and caused major damage.  By the time it’s obvious, a lot of wood and drywall can become ruined and sometimes mold forms too.  Our little $32 water alarm proved to be well worth it!

Do you have any water alarms in your home?  Next time you have a chance stop by and pick a few up for your home – you’ll be glad you did!


Author: nkeithly

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