Gas Water Heater Installation

Ideal Plumbing Heating Air Electrical recently completed a plumbing installation to replace our client’s old water heater that caused major water damage in it’s existing location. The previous water heater was raised up on a wood platform, adjacent to their furnace. Ideal Plumbing removed the old water heater, rotted wood platform, and related elements. Our San Diego Plumber installed a new gas water heater on a metal stand, as per code. Our team also rebuilt the platform for the furnace, did a drywall repair and painting on the wall, and reinstalled the furnace. Water leaks can be very serious, and it’s imperative to hire a professional to handle this type of plumbing repairs. Ideal’s team of trained, expert technicians is here to help! If you have any questions about water damage, water loss, or other plumbing repairs, call Ideal Plumbing Heating Air Electrical.  

gas water heater installation

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