8 Tips for a Green Home and Yard

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to be more “green”?  Check out 8 tips below.  Call your San Diego Plumber – Ideal Plumbing, for any green plumbing improvements.  For example, if just 10% of Americans attached outdoor hose shut-off valves, 128,000 bathtubs could be filled every day!

  1. Run your home on renewable energy generated by the sun and sell the excess to your local power company.
  2. Collect run-off rain in a barrel for use in water plants and yard.
  3. Treat windows with low-emittance coating.
  4. Seal any gaps that could allow drafts in or out.
  5. Wash all paint brushes out in the sink, not in the yard.
  6. Dispose of paint cans via a hazardous waste collection program.
  7. Don’t spray pesticides immediately before predicted rain.
  8. Don’t let grass clippings wash into sewer drains.

Tips for a Green Home

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