Modern Solutions, Timeless Traditions


Don Teemsma, Sr. proudly founded Ideal on April 1, 1960. At the time, Don and his wife Barbara, ran the company as a home based business, with only one 1953 Ford pick-up truck and a garage serving as the warehouse. Don grew up working for his four uncles who were plumbers by trade. This invaluable experience inspired him to start his own business and provided the necessary technical expertise to succeed.

Ideal outgrew the Teemsma home in 1962 and the decision was made shortly after to open their first of three storefront shops. Barbara has played an integral role in the success of Ideal. Although kept busy with six children, she still found the energy to be instrumental in the day-to-day operations of the business.

Don’s most steadfast founding principle was family. From day one he vowed to treat every customer, vendor and employee as a member of a tightly woven family. Nearing our 50 year anniversary, the San Diego community has greatly appreciated this approach to doing business.

Don Teemsma, Jr. was an eager 14-year old, hungry for knowledge when he first joined his father at Ideal. Within just a few short years he was following in Don Sr.’s footsteps, driving a plumbing truck and upholding the values and principles that Ideal had come to be known for.

Don Jr. was handed the reigns in 1992. Under his leadership the business has grown by leaps and bounds, adding Electrical as well as Kitchen & Bath Remodeling divisions. Nonetheless, even amongst the growth, Ideal has always maintained its commitment to serving family and San Diego.


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