Jan 2011: Fireplace gas logs

Stay Cozy and Comfortable this Winter

It’s a chilly day and you can’t wait to get home and cuddle up next to a cozy fire. But something is making you a little hesitant – the mess and hassle of burning wood in your fireplace. I remember that feeling, but now that I have a gas log in our fireplace, I don’t have to worry about that.

Here’s why I like the gas log in our fireplace:

1. No cleanup
2. It lights easily and quickly
3. It burns cleanly and produces no smoke
4. It looks perfectly natural

In the past we were burning wood in our fireplace. Here are some reasons why it wasn’t so great:

• We had to buy and store wood.
• The wood stored outside on our patio was a wonderful place for a rat nest.
(Yes, we found rats in our wood. Ug!)
• Lighting the wood was a process which usually required some time and the fireplace
accessories.  I also noticed that when young children came to visit that the tools were
very tempting to play with. Not a good situation.
• The wood burning fire was nice, but afterwards all that ash had to be cleaned up, and not until at least the next day when everything cooled.  I did not enjoy that messy job and I’ll admit I sometimes forgot about cleaning it until the next time we wanted to light a fire.
• The chimney had to be cleaned by a professional once a year.  Of course there is a charge to have a chimney sweep come out and do that.

With our gas log we can have a fire anytime without having to haul wood inside and I don’t miss the smoke smell. When we are finished with it we just turn the valve off rather than having to watch it until all the embers were burned. I’m a big fan of less work and more free time to relax rather than deal with the mess.

If you’d like to consider a gas log in your fireplace, call us for a free estimate (619) 583-7963.


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