Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Despite the economic downturn, the kitchen continues to be one of the most popular rooms in the house for remodeling projects. Homeowners these days are choosing to add technology to their homes that fits their particular lifestyle. They are also choosing cabinets and hoods with simple, streamlined designs made of sustainable materials. Large, concealed dishwashers are also popular, as is LED lighting.

Technology Abounds

Many homeowners are changing the appliances in their kitchens to models that utilize the newest technological advances. Built-in espresso makers are common, especially those that make your drink tailored to just how you like it at the touch of a button. Cabinets with electronically controlled sliding doors are available, as are refrigerators with built-in computer screens and web access. Also popular are induction cooktops that remember the temperature settings you have set and allow you to move pans freely across the entire surface.

Minimal Cabinets and Hoods

Gone are the days when bulky, ornate cabinetry was popular. New units are modern looking, with minimal hardware and new surfaces such as semi-translucent glass, bamboo, aluminum and high-gloss lacquer. Floating cabinetry units are also very common. Some remodelers are making their stove hood a focal point, choosing hoods that are curvy and sleek to the eye. They often combine glass and stainless steel for an ultra-modern look. Features such as overhead spice racks and utensil storage are also being incorporated into range hoods to bring style and practicality to the kitchen.

Drawer Dishwasher Units

You used to be able to tell quickly whether or not there was a dishwasher in someone’s kitchen, but this is no longer the case. New dishwashers blend into the cabinetry in the kitchen to obscure their identity. High-end dishwashers are available in many attractive options that save water and energy while cleaning dishes even better than older models. Larger dishwashers can wash up to 20 place settings at once and are the perfect appliance for a homeowner who loves to host dinner parties but hates to clean up afterward.

LED Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements in a kitchen—it doesn’t matter how beautiful your kitchen is if it is not also functional. Some homeowners choose to install LED lights in a pattern across the entire ceiling in their kitchen to eliminate dark spots, while others choose task lighting that is concentrated in certain areas of the room. Ask for LED lights in a “warm white” to avoid the bluish tinge that many people think of when they are considering LED lighting. You can buy an LED chandelier to place over your dining table or LED track lighting that can be installed around the entire island in your kitchen. LED lighting is so versatile that it can be implemented almost anywhere within the home.

Technology, convenience, and personalization are currently the biggest kitchen remodeling trends. Most homeowners find that they enjoy spending more time in their kitchen when they have focused on their own wants and needs rather than what may get them a higher resale value if they ever sell their home.

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