Mobile Home Water Heater Installation

Mobile home water heaters can be quite complicated to replace. When installing a water heater for a manufactured/mobile home, there are several factors to consider:

  1. Space

    Water heaters come in different heights, diameter, and capacities. For most residential water heaters, the capacity typically ranges from 30 gallons to 75 gallons. You’ll want to take detailed measurements of the existing water heater, as well as any door frames if the water heater is in a closet.

  1. Type

    Does your water heater run off of gas, electricity, or propane? Know what your current set up is before installing a new water heater to make for a more seamless process. Knowing your water heater brand and model is also helpful.

  1. Compliance

    For manufactured or mobile homes, you may only use a water heater that is certified for Manufactured Housing (HUD). Anything else used in a mobile home is not the proper application, and even against the law. If you install the wrong water heater, you may even come across some challenges such as voided warranties or insurance claim issues. When in doubt, call a professional!

Water Heater Installation


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