Now’s the Time to Get Prepared for Summer

As the heat of summer approaches in San Diego, many of us are trying to find ways to cool our living and work spaces effectively and affordably. Ideal Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical can provide many solutions to bring comfort through technology and the right products. These products can save you money and in most cases cost less than you might think.

Whole House Fan:
Whether for your whole house or a smaller version for a single room, whole house fans can bring fresh air from outside and purge hot stall air from inside your home. The smaller versions can be left on all day or night and quietly keep your room cool and comfortable. A properly located whole house fan can save up to 75% off your air conditioning electric bill.
Quiet Cool Whole House Fan



Attic Ventilation:
Attic ventilation is often overlooked. This improvement can reduce attic temperatures and thereby improve air conditioning system efficiency by 10 percent. Remember placement and proper sizing is key to effective heat reduction in an attic space.

Ceiling Fans:
Fans of any kind can help move air and bring nice relief to a space. Air movement by a fan can make a 79 degree room feel like it’s 72 degrees. Ceiling fans are extremely energy efficient and can reduce demands on both air conditioners and furnaces, using less energy than a 100 watt light bulb. Ceiling fans are very effective at any time and in any season.

Ductless Split System:
This is a fantastic way to cool or heat individual rooms. The effects are excellent and we have many happy customers who love them.
split-ductless air-conditioning

These systems are ultra quiet because unlike window or through the wall air conditioners the compressor is remotely located, leaving only the front face and fan in the room being conditioned. Ductless split systems are remote controlled, so they typically go high on the wall to allow for maximum coverage of a room.

Conventional Central Air Conditioning:

A brand you can trust is important when selecting an air conditioning system. Choosing a reliable brand like Bryant, who is a leader in comfort and efficiency, will ensure you have a system that will best meet your home’s needs.

Other important factors when choosing a system include making sure the system is properly sized and air balanced. You also want to check that the room registers have fully adjustable levers so you can move air throughout the room space. Quality products, fit, finish, and workmanship are all crucial to a perfectly working system.

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