Predicting the Home Decor Trends of 2017

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As 2016 reaches its end, designers, remodelers, and home decor enthusiasts are already hard at work predicting the trends that will dominate the next calendar year.

With this past year seeing the rise in such trends as floral fire escapes, marbled wallpaper, geometric flooring, and pillows with colors that pop, it’s expected that 2017’s trends will be just as unique and bold. With the sharing of decor photos and other inspiration over such platforms as Instagram and Pinterest, decor trends are shifting faster than ever before. Luckily social media provides invaluable market research for designers, who can easily see which trends are gathering leverage.

Here are a few ideas for how you can get a headstart on the trends that will help your home maintain its chic over the next 12 months.


This warm brown shade has already topped a number of “to watch” lists for next year. Inspired by the natural cozyness of Mediterranean homes, terracotta can be easily incorporated into any modern room. What’s great about this design trend is that there are so many ways to include it in your home — from traditional terracotta earthenware pots to floor and wall tiles to using the color as an accent wall.

Jewel Tones and Metallics

These two trends can be incorporated through furniture and room accessories alike. Color palettes in jewel tones such as rich purples, teals, and greens were highlighted by paint company Behr and Pantone as being trendy choices for the coming year. Rooms should have an average of three accent pieces, so try pairing a vividly toned sofa chair with a metallic vase or lamp base to create a bold, luxe look. Or, take a card from Scandinavian design and let a copper globe lighting fixture take the spotlight in your room. For something a bit more ornate, try searching online for an Egyptian brass lamp.


If jewel hued tones aren’t your thing, try pastels. They were popular in 2016, and that trend will continue into next year. From lounge chairs in shades of salmon to light lavenders and pale yellows, pastels bring an undeniable softness and femininity to your home. While home decor shops will certainly be carrying more pastels in the coming months, you can also try repainting a table or cabinet to achieve this look. If you’re wondering how to mix pastels without having your room look like an Easter egg hunt, try the website Color Palettes. They have a number of swatches dedicated to single color and multi-tone pastel combinations.

Decorative Headboards

Who needs a piece of art over your bed when your bedframe can do the trick? The plush and upholstered headboards that have been popular in luxury hotels are making their way into the home. This look can easily update a bedroom and add a touch of glamor to your sleeping space. Plus a soft headboard means that sitting up to read in bed becomes a breeze.

Cozy Nooks

In the past, it was window seats that provided the small spaces in which one could escape. Nooks and crannies are making a comeback in 2017, and designers say it’s because of our growing desire to spend time in rooms that aren’t centered around technology. While home cubbies are usually reserved for creative storage solutions, try creating small reading spaces or other isolated areas where you can stop and think about what the day has to offer.

By including a few of these trends in your home, you’re certain to be on point for the coming year.

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