Season’s Greetings

Ideal wishes all of our friends and neighbors a very happy holiday season.  We are grateful for the many relationships that have grown over 51 years of service throughout the communities we serve.

Each year we welcome new customers and retain existing customers whose happy service experience is our goal.  Ideal’s mission of having happy customers has been most satisfying for those who work at Ideal and results in strong relationships built in trust.  In the spirit of gratitude, all of us at Ideal thank you for letting us be part of so many wonderful communities and the lives of those who live and work here.

Don & Melissa Teemsma, & your Ideal Service Team

Ideal Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical

"Season's Greetings" - classic photo from the original storefront on Waring Road (the original shop location was just across the street from our current location)

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