Spotlight: QuietCool Whole House Fans

quietcoolWhole house fans make for an efficient and reliable method of cooling a property. For many homeowners, they can be used as an energy-efficient alternative to air conditioning. Unfortunately, you may have noticed that the majority of whole house fans available are loud, complicated, and old-fashioned.

This is what makes the QuietCool brand unique — and popular in households all over the country.

Unlike other whole house fans that seem to rattle through the entire home, QuietCool products minimize vibration and noise — keeping your home cool, without the headache. With their energy-efficient design, QuietCool whole house fans allow you to lower your carbon footprint and enjoy comfortable, green living.

The History of QuietCool

In 1999, the founder and inventor of QuietCool fans was installing a traditional whole-house system into a customer’s property, a natural part of his job as an electrical contractor. During the installation, the customer commented that they wished someone would invent a silent whole house fan — that comment sparked an idea, and began a passionate journey for what would soon become the QuietCool company.

The electrical contractor spent years tinkering, building a prototype, and eventually producing a reliable, working product. A labor of love and ingenuity, the first QC-1500 emerged on the market in 2003, marking the beginning of the QuietCool era. In 2009, the QuietCool whole-house system got its patent; and in 2011, the Energy Saver line appeared, revolutionizing the cooling industry with truly “green” living solutions.

Today, the QuietCool team remains committed to producing the smoothest, quietest, and most energy-efficient fans on the market — making them the standard to beat in the cooling world.

QuietCool Products

A revolution in the cooling industry, QuietCool whole-house systems use a proven method for temperature control and ventilation. Each whisper-quiet fan solution comes in multiple or single-fan configurations, depending on the needs of the homeowner. The QuietCool system relies on an accurate measurement of the full size of the home, as the products must match the area of the property.

Aside from finding the correct size for your home, QuietCool also recommends that customers consider location and ceiling height when selecting products. Hot climates may require the use of more premium systems, while high ceiling heights could account for increased interior air volume.

Single Fan Systems:

Some customers choose a single-fan system, which involves a single fan installed within a central home location. These single QuietCool fans can ventilate an entire home nicely, but provide limited individual control, compared to a multi-fan zoned system.

Zoned Systems:

A zoned QuietCool system involves multiple fans installed in the house, giving the homeowner ultimate control over their ventilation needs and cooling requirements. Zoned fans can work simultaneously, and also allow for individual control throughout the home.

The benefits of QuietCool whole house fans are phenomenal, ranging from their silent comfort to their compliance with California title 24. Just some of the benefits of QuietCool products include:

  • Energy saving motors
  • Quietest whole house fan on the market
  • Maintenance-free, easy to install system
  • Highly insulated damper system
  • Multiple or single-fan system choices
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty as standard

Why Choose Quiet Cool for Your Home?

Whole house fans not only cool properties, but also ventilate homes — allowing for healthier air quality. The QuietCool system ventilates a property by removing stale, warm air from the home, and replacing it with fresh, cool air. The QuietCool system can cool an entire home within minutes, and it’s so quiet, it’s ideal for installation in any room without causing disruption. What’s more, Quiet Cool fans operate perfectly regardless of closed doors.

If peace and quiet wasn’t enough of a benefit, QuietCool systems are also incredibly efficient. Pacific Gas & Electric (PGE) suggests that whole house fans can use up to 90% less energy than air conditioners, cutting your electric bill down significantly.

In some climates, including in Southern California, the QuietCool system is an effective alternative to air conditioners, allowing for environmentally friendly, and cost-effective comfort. Homeowners may even be able to access rebates thanks to their new, energy efficient system.

The QuietCool brand is so confident in their systems that they offer a 10-year manufacturer warranty. Installing these fans is a process so simple that any standard contractor or electrician can do it! It’s no wonder that the QuietCool brand continues to represent the highest quality and energy efficiency standards throughout the cooling industry.

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