Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Warmer weather has arrived and now is the perfect time to tackle your Spring home maintenance checklist. We have some tips to help you get started so you can have a fun and relaxing springtime. If you need help with your home improvement projects we are happy to help. No job is too large or too small. Call us at (619) 583-7963 or email us at ideal@idealsvc.com.

Outdoor Irrigation:

Check your outdoor water systems (pipes, faucets and sprinkler system) for proper usage and operation. With warmer weather on its way, and less rain, you may even consider installing a timer for an automated process.


Thinking of planting trees to spruce up your yard for spring? Be cautious of where you plant them. Trees can offer nice shade to your home, but roots can invade your drains. If you’ve had root intrusion problems in the past, it may be time to schedule a plumber to address the issue.

Gas Grill:

If your gas grill remained unused during winter, it may need a quick look over before firing up. Check the tubes and hoses for blockages from spiders, webs or grease. Also examine gas line hoses for cracks, tears, leaks or kinks. Whether you have a built-in or stand-alone grill, if you sense a gas leak, shut off the gas and don’t light the grill until the issue is resolved.

Spring Cleaning:

Clean rooms and spaces in your home that have collected dust over the winter months. Remember to dust hard to reach areas like tops of cabinets and ceiling fan blades. Spring is a good time take inventory of your cleaning products and tools. Clean out and purge old products or products you don’t like or use. You may also want to reconsider where you store cleaning products. Stowing caustic chemicals under your sink can quickly damage a water connector, causing corrosion and eventually a major flood. Avoid keeping these types of products under your sink:

•Drain cleaners     •Industrial cleaning products     •Oven cleaners

•Bleach     •Mildew stain removers     •Other corrosives

Air Conditioning System:

Routine service and maintenance on your air conditioning system helps to improve efficiency and ensure your system is functioning properly to keep you cool and comfortable. Check your system early in the Spring to help prevent costly downtime and address any possible issues ahead of time, not in the middle of a heat spell. Inspect your outdoor air conditioning condenser unit for leaves or other debris that could be obstructing the grille.

Filters: A filter change will help to cut down on energy use and save you money on your energy bills. TIP: Know your filter! Some filter types are washable and can be reused. Others, such as electrostatic, carbon or allergy/hepa are specialty filters and need to be replaced with a like kind or require special service.

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