Customer Testimonial – Mitsubishi Electric Split System

Ideal’s heating and air conditioning installers just wrapped up a new installation of a Mitsubishi Electric Multi Head Split System in Point Loma.

Here’s what the customer had to say about the installation:

“We are EXTREMELY happy with our new system.  My husband’s study is warm for the first time in the 26 winters we’ve lived here!  The fans are amazingly quiet.  Bill and Angel do such careful work and were very good sports about going into the cramped space under our house!”

Indoor Mitsubishi Electric Split System






Mitsubishi Electric cooling and heating systems give you options to enjoy ultimate comfort in any room in your house.  Wall-mounted indoor units allow you to control temperatures in individual rooms.  Ducted units disappear in your ceiling. There is also an option of a floor-standing unit if that works best for your space.

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