For Every Problem there is a Solution

In the many years I’ve been in the industry, I’ve seen some pretty amazing problems. Problems that stir your innovation, cause collaboration with co-workers, build alliance with product suppliers and most of all kindle inspiration. Our lives are filled with challenges that at times require experts who specialize in the specific area of need. I like the simplicity and truthfulness of the quotation: “We don’t know what we don’t know.”

This sums up how sometimes we need to reach out and get advice from others who do know. AH-HA moments come to all of us who work a problem as it works us. And finally the AH-HA – the solution – comes and we experience that victorious feeling. For those who like to do-it-yourself and just need good ol’ friendly advice, our in-store expert Mr. Bill has decades of knowledge to help you navigate your conundrum.

Don Teemsma with his daughter Vanessa. Ideal has the expertise, resources and tools (large or small!) for all your home repair needs.

Unfortunately many of us don’t have the time, proper tools or resources to spend on this creative problem solving and we need a solution now. We’re either in a hurry, don’t have the patience, or the inclination to pursue the solution ourselves.

At Ideal we have the experts you need to solve all your plumbing, heating and cooling, and electrical needs. We also have extensive knowledge in bathroom and kitchen remodeling. Our staff and technicians are constantly learning about the latest products and techniques to solve the problems that plague our customers.

At Ideal our technicians are certified in their trades. Each trade has credentials that recognize them as achieving a standard of knowledge and training. Ideal’s Plumbers are PHCC Certified, our Electricians are California State Certified and our Heating and A/C Techs are NATE Certified.

We all know certification alone doesn’t guarantee excellence. However, it does provide our technicians with a standard of knowledge and level of training that can avoid many pitfalls. If you have a problem you’re trying to solve and need some expert advice, we would love to serve you. Call us today! (619) 583-7963.

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