Get Your Air Conditioning Ready For Summer

More than the residents of many other cities, San Diegans need good air conditioning. With all the time we spend outdoors getting baked by the sun and blasted by the salty wind, our home rest and relaxation time is vital to replenish our energy levels.

Now is the time to check your air conditioning system thoroughly. There’s still time to upgrade or repair your AC system before the dog days of summer come in.

Here’s a short list of things to think about to prepare for the upcoming summer:

  • Check the air quality. Though you may not realize it, your current air conditioning unit may not be filtering out harmful toxins, molds, and gasses that could eventually cause respiratory problems. If air quality testing is needed, we can provide air filtration systems to remove these toxins and give you a more healthy indoor air environment.
  • Keeping cold air inside. Some air conditioning units can be a huge drain on monthly electric bills, and it might not even be the AC’s fault. In older homes, windows and doors no longer fit as snugly as they could, breaking the virtual airtight seal of a room and letting that cool air slip outside. Your air conditioner will continue to work to cool an area, even if the cool air being distributed is escaping through unsealed doors and windows. It’s your job to seal your windows and doors to prevent leakage. It’ll save you money, prolong the life of your AC unit, and keep your house nice and cool. You’ll be sprinting home from that jog just to get into your own personal refrigerator.
  • Save that energy, you might need it later. Many AC units these days have an energy-saving option. If saving energy is your priority, this should be your most-used setting. Instead of running the AC in a house that’s plenty cool, the energy-saving setting will only run the AC when the home gets above a certain temperature. It’s just like your heating unit but backwards. And the other way to save energy? Run the AC less often altogether. Make a conscious effort to flip the off switch during milder times of day. Remember, you’re saving money too.
  • Think about an upgrade. If you’re still of the mindset that your old window AC unit is working great well past its intended lifespan, it might be time to think about a new central air system. Newer AC systems are quieter, more efficient, and effective.
  • Maintenance. It’s a good idea to regularly maintain and service your central air Common problems usually occur around the filters, where lots of gunk can get trapped. But that only means the filter is doing its job. Once a clean filter is installed, the system will work more efficiently. And if you’re in an office setting, you’ll probably notice a more pleasant work environment with clean, cool air that enables employees to stay energized and refreshed. Other parts of the AC system that need to be inspected during a maintenance check include:
  • The compressor
  • The charge of the refrigeration system
  • Condensate pans and drain lines to ensure they are clear of blockages
  • The thermostat for proper operation
  • Voltages and amperage readings
  • For businesses and office settings, think about an air conditioning system that you can keep under lock and key. Everyone has different temperature comfort levels, and leaving the temperature setting decision in the hands of many could create challenges. Installing a digital, programmable thermostat may more effective than manually adjusting the temperature multiple times throughout the day (and it can help prevent a temperature war)!

So whether you’re looking to jump up into a fantastic new cooling system or just need a repair on your current one, Ideal is the company that can turn your desert into an oasis. The best part is, we’re local, and we know what it’s like to live and breathe in San Diego. When that hot summer dryness comes to the doorstep, all we want to do is sit in a nice, air conditioned room and enjoy a smoothie, too. Contact Ideal to check your air conditioning system and get ready for the dog days of summer!

Author: nkeithly

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