Air Conditioning Installation & Repair

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Ideal Plumbing, Heating, Air, and Electrical is a family owned and operated company and one of the top-rated contractors in San Diego. Our knowledgeable team is capable of accomplishing any job, from simple repairs and maintenance to complete installations.

Air Conditioning Installation and Repair
Air conditioning installation remains one of the top services at Ideal. It is no surprise that San Diego gets hot—even November brings 85 degree days. Having a working air conditioning system is vital to staying cool and comfortable, whether you are lounging at home or working diligently in the office. At Ideal, you will also find quality air conditioning repair services, making sure you never have to sweat it out.

Proper Ventilation
Ideal also performs ventilation installations and repairs, which allow for optimum airflow. Too much ventilation wastes energy, while not enough leads to poor air quality and an uncomfortable environment. At Ideal, you will find designs that perfectly balance a building’s airflow, providing both comfort and energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency
Heating and air conditioning
tend to use the most energy in your home, comprising up to 75% of your utility bill. When it comes to heating and air conditioning repair or installation, Ideal specializes in energy efficient furnaces and air conditioning systems that are eco-friendly and save you money in the short and long run.

Guaranteed Quality
At Ideal, our dedication to fine quality workmanship is only superseded by our devotion to customer service. Ideal has the tools, team, and experience to accomplish all residential and commercial projects and provide a job that fits your budget and lifestyle, whether it’s a lighting repair or an air conditioning installation.

If you need any repairs to your current air conditioning or require a new system altogether, feel free to contact us to book a service call today.

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