4 Plumbing Tips to Get your Home Ready for Spring

Spring is here and now is the perfect time to tackle your Spring home maintenance checklist.

We have some tips to help you get started so you can have a fun and relaxing springtime.

Outdoor Irrigation: Check your sprinkler system for proper usage and operation. With warmer weather on its way, and less rain, you may even consider installing a timer for an automated process.

Landscaping: Thinking of planting trees to spruce up your yard for spring? Be cautious of where you plant them. Trees can offer nice shade to your home, but roots can invade your drains. If you’ve had root problems in the past, it may be time to schedule a plumber to address your root issues.

Drains: Have any of your drains shown signs of clogging? Don’t let this problem escalate. If you’ve been noticing backup it’s probably time to have the problem addressed before it becomes major.

Under Sink Storage: You may want to reconsider where you store cleaning products. Storing caustic chemicals under your sink can quickly damage a water connector, causing corrosion and eventually a major flood.

Stainless Steel Water Connector Failed due to Corrosion

Avoid storing these chemicals under your sink:

  • Drain cleaners
  • Industrial cleaning products
  • Oven cleaners
  • Bleach
  • Mildew stain removers
  • Other corrosives

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