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The Potential Problems of a Dirty Drain

In our lifelong mission to maintain a clean and healthy home, we strive to keep our surfaces free from dust, sweep up dirty floors, and regularly wash linens — yet, many people forget about the less superficial tasks, lurking beneath … Continue reading

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5 Things to Never Put Down the Garbage Disposal

In 1927, architect John W. Hammes from Racine, Wisconsin, introduced the garbage disposal to the world. This new invention, which went to market in 1938, gave homeowners the ability to chop up large bits of food waste to easily pass … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Prepare Your Plumbing for Colder Weather

The harshness of winter often comes without warning and doesn’t just wreak havoc on the roads. It can cause some major headaches at home, too, especially when it comes to plumbing systems. Avoid dealing with plumbing difficulties this winter by … Continue reading

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How to Unclog a Drain with a Snake

A clogged drain can be a frustrating occurrence, but that doesn’t mean it has to be time-consuming and costly as well. With a little bit of know-how you can unclog a drain yourself, in no time flat. A snake, or drain auger, is … Continue reading

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How to Tackle Your Home’s Problematic Drains

Your home’s plumbing system can be compared to a tree, where your main sewer line is the trunk and all secondary lines are the branches. Secondary drain lines include your kitchen, laundry, lavatory or shower. Your primary line is your … Continue reading

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Ideal’s “Lucky” Culture – An (Almost) Diamond Disaster!

March is a month that brings an extra spotlight on the word “luck.” My definition of luck is what happens when good fortune meets preparation. My observation of lucky people is they are doers – they get things done.  They … Continue reading

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