Six Tips to Cut Down on Your AC Bill

home air conditioningThe way you manage your air conditioning within your home can make a drastic impact on your monthly air conditioning bill. For homeowners, finding ways to slash those monthly utility expenses is always a hot topic. Fortunately, there are many simple and painless ways to adjust your habits and lower your usage to preserve all of the comforts of your home while also keeping some of that money in your pocket.

  1. Get Shady

The majority of heat in your house is absorbed through windows and roofs. With a green thumb and a bit of innovation, you can plant shrubbery and trees around your house to block some of the sun’s rays from directly shining in through windows and blazing down on your rooftop. Heavy curtains drawn during the hottest part of the day will also help keep out the inferno and assist in cooling down your home.

  1. Insulate!

Insulation isn’t just for winter months. Insulating your home can also help you maintain a consistent internal environment.

  • Check your attic or crawlspace insulation and replace it if need be.

  • Next, check windows for breezes and elect double-paned windows when you can.

  • Weatherstripping can also help keep warm air from sneaking in under doors and windows.

  1. Program the Thermostat

One of the easiest ways to save up to 15 percent on your energy bill is to program your thermostat. As our body temperatures decline while we sleep, it’s a great time to raise that thermostat and let the home warm up a little bit during the night. Also be sure to check that your thermostat isn’t in the path of direct sunlight, obstructed by furniture, or near open windows where it may be picking up incorrect temperature readings that are kicking your AC on unnecessarily.

  1. Change Habits

  • Don’t be afraid to let loose in your own house and take off some of those layers. By simply removing unnecessary clothing, you can keep from wanting to turn up that AC.

  • Switch on fans in the house. While they don’t actually cool the temperature of the air, the circulation evaporates sweat and helps you feel cooler overall.

  • Keep windows and doors shut during the day to preserve all of your AC’s hard work. After the sun sets and the temperatures cool, open windows and doors to let the night breeze in.

  • Keep your stove and oven off and opt for an outdoor grill or meals that don’t require heating. These appliances can significantly hike up the temperature in your house.

  1. Turn off Your AC When You Don’t Need It

It’s a common misconception that leaving your AC running to maintain a consistent temperature is cheaper than turning it on and off. But AC units that are consistently running do nothing but recycle air that is already cooled. By turning off your AC when you’re not home, you can drastically cut down on your monthly usage.

  1. Don’t Try to Trick Your AC

Most conventional AC units run at the same speed, meaning that air does not cool any faster if you alter the thermometer. It will not run your AC at a higher speed or cool air any faster, it will simply run the unit for longer. If you want feel cooler faster, try running ceiling and portable fans, and open doors throughout the home to increase air flow and distribution.

Making these few small, but impactful changes can greatly lower your AC bill. Take some time to check your home for drafts, poor insulation, direct sunlight, and thermometer placement. Lower your AC at night and while you’re away, and you’ll cash in on the savings without any suffering.

Author: nkeithly

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