4 Tips to Stay Cozy and Comfortable this Winter

The cooler weather has many of us running to our thermostats to turn up the heat. If you want lasting comfort, a properly installed and sized central heating system is what you need to keep you cozy this winter.


Furnace technology has advanced so that you now have several choices for achieving temperature control. Getting the comfort level you desire in your home can be accomplished in several ways:

  • Single-Speed Furnaces have improved greatly over the years, however they are still louder and have temperature swings more than other models.
  • Two-Speed or Two-Stage Furnaces allow for more gentle heating and longer cycles to even out heat and allow your home to heat up gradually. Besides the air getting warmer, the walls and furniture will also heat up so you feel more cozy in your environment.
  • Variable-Speed or Modulating Furnaces bring incredibly consistent comfort. This system is also very quiet because air flow is slowed down and regulated. You will save on your heating and air conditioning bill with this technology. These units are truly wonderful for those who want the best.


Duct work plays a major role in delivering overall comfort. Poor engineering, age, damage or even rodents are some factors that can cause problems with your duct work. Deteriorated ducts may result in loss of system efficiency, poor indoor air quality and inconsistent temperature control inside the home. Properly designed duct work is sized so each room is delivered with its fair share of air. This is also known as Air Balancing. When achieved you can go from room to room and not feel any changes in temperature.


  • Placement: Proper thermostat placement is essential in getting an accurate temperature reading. The ideal location is near the return air so it senses the return air temperature. Avoid thermostat placement near an exterior door, window, lamp, supply air register or direct sunlight.
  • Power: If your thermostat goes blank, you may need to change the batteries. Some thermostats are battery-powered while others are hard wired. Typically there are just a few steps required to change the batteries on your thermostat: removing the faceplate, swapping out the batteries and gently snapping the thermostat back in place.


Bar style or wide louver room supply and return air registers are the optimal choice, as they allow air to freely pass through and be directed into the room. Other factors that influence your home’s ability to retain heat in your home are insulation, dual pane windows, window coverings and weather stripping around doors.

Real comfort isn’t achieved from doing just one thing right – it requires many components done right, working together to bring you efficient, affordable and year after year satisfaction. If you need help, please call us at Ideal. We know how to deliver you the system you are looking for. (619) 583-7963.

Author: nkeithly

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