Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist for San Diegans

Lessons Learned from September

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today - Thomas JeffersonLiving in San Diego we normally enjoy moderate, pleasant weather.  Just recently this Summer our community endured a series of heat waves that put us all out of our comfort zones.  Some days the combination of heat and humidity seemed too much to bear.

However, not everyone was miserable during the heat waves.  Those who planned ahead and had their air conditioning systems checked or installed early in the Spring were grateful they took the time to plan ahead.

They enjoyed their cool and comfortable homes while the rest of us sought refuge in freezer sections at the grocery store or other public air conditioned spaces.  The saying goes that history repeats itself – we would do well to remember the lessons learned from the hot weather during this past Summer in San Diego and apply those principles to the Fall season.  In other words, PLAN AHEAD!

Our Ideal team would be happy to help you plan ahead and get your heater tuned-up and inspected so you are ready for cooler weather.

  • Heating System Check

    Service your heater to maintain optimum performance during the Fall season and all year round. Regularly scheduled maintenance helps prevent costly downtime and repairs that could have been prevented.

    Filters: A filter change will help to cut down on energy use and save you money on your energy bills.  TIP:  Know your filter!  Some filter types are washable and can be reused.  Others, such as electrostatic, carbon or allergy/hepa are specialty filters and need to be replaced with a like kind or require special service.

  • Smoke Detectors & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

    If your home smoke and carbon monoxide detectors run off batteries, Fall is a good time to check or change the batteries and make sure the detectors operate properly.

  • Outdoor Lighting

    The days are getting shorter, and when we “Fall Back” on Sunday, November 3rd we’ll lose 1 more hour of daylight.  Remember to keep your outdoor areas well-lit, safe and secure.  Make sure your home is illuminated outside so when you come home in the evenings, you can safely and easily enter your home.

  • Area Drains

    Rain water can cause water to back up around your home.  If you have area drains and rain gutters, test them to insure they have good drainage.

As the seasons change please consider this fall home maintenance check-up list and do what is needed now before the rush comes.

Call us today to help you plan ahead for the Fall months! (619) 583-7963

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